Using CouchDB for Content Management – Installing CouchDB

As of this writing, 2012-11-01, couchdb-1.2 is the stable version of couch. CouchDb being a relatively new project, you will need mental fortitude and moderate skills at building from source if you want to get the latest software running on your own machine or developemnt server. The good news is that others have done it before you, and you should find the proper resources online to get you over any challenges that you may encounter.

Even better, you can circumvent this whole installation process and get up-and-running quickly by setting a cloud-based couchdb via With such a lovely name, it’s worth of try. I have not, but it’s probably simple enough. The service is run by CouchBase, the commercial services company behind CouchDb, to which I am not affiliated in any way. If that’s what you choose to do, you may safely skip this exciting installation page, and go on to the next installment in this series. Continue reading